Zodiac LM3

The Zodiac LM3 Salt Water Chlorinator was designed to make pool sanitation as easy as possible.

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Technical Details

  • The LM3-15 with an output of 15 grams of pure chlorine per hour is specifically designed to chlorinate small pools up to 15,000 gallons
  • The LM3-24 with an output of 24 grams of pure chlorine per hour and can easily chlorinate a 25,000 gallon pool
  • The LM3-40 with an output of 40 grams of pure chlorine per hour and can easily chlorinate a 40,000 gallon pool

Control Panel Functions

  • Chlorine Output Light shows level of chlorine output
  • Super Chlorinate Light indicates chlorine level is being boosted
  • Check Salt Light indicates the need to add salt to the pool water
  • No Flow Light indicates lack of water flow
  • Output Button lets you precisely adjust the chlorine output
  • Super Chlorinate Button automatically boosts chlorine levels for heavy pool use with a touch of a button


Model Description

Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I reset the circuit breaker?
With power off at the source, locate circuit breaker on bottom of unit near power cord. Push button in and turn on power. If power to transformer is not restored, replace circuit breaker.
My LM2 or LM3 will not operate.

After verifying that the pump is on and the unit is turned on, inspect for proper function. Often times a quick inspection will show that the chlorinator in fine and the problem is most likely in the water chemistry.

  1. Indicator lights: Are they functioning properly?
  2. Cell: Is it producing chlorine? (looks like effervescence)
  3. Cell connections:
    • LM2 - Is output cord attached to cell and blue sensor wire attached to sensor post?
    • LM3 - Is plug cap attached to cell?
  4. Cell: Is it reversing polarity properly? Calcium build-up on cell?
  5. Circuit breaker: Has it tripped?
  6. Controller: Turn off the power and remove chlorinator cover. Are there visible burn marks, signs of water damage, or loose wires or screws?
My LM3 will not switch off and no functions will operate?
  1. Check that the super chlorinate button has not been activated.
  2. Manually turn the chlorinator off.
Note: The LM3 Series uses a smart switch that turns the chlorinator on automatically with each pump cycle. If longer periods of zero (0) chlorine output are required, disconnect the yellow plug cap from the cell. (Red NO FLOW light will illuminate once chlorine production has stopped.) Plug cap must be reconnected for chlorine production to begin.