Zodiac DuoClear

Low-Maintenance, Low-Cost System for Pool Sanitizing

DuoClear combines the sanitizing effects and water clarity of Nature2 mineral technology with the convenience of automatic chlorine generation from Clearwater salt technology.

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Low-Maintenance, Low-Cost System for Pool Sanitizing

DuoClear combines the sanitizing effects and water clarity of Nature2 mineral technology with the convenience of automatic chlorine generation from Clearwater salt technology. The Nature2 mineral-bed technology uses silver and copper to combat bacteria. The saltwater chlorinator component automatically produces low levels of chlorine, eliminating the need to buy and store chlorine. Together these two technologies create a low-maintenance, low-cost system for pool sanitizing, with water that feels soft and silky.


  • Sanitizes pool water automatically
  • No harsh odor
  • Easy to use
  • Noticeably softer water
  • Lower chlorine levels help stabilize the pH
  • Controlled Release Technology (CRT) ensures optimal mineral levels and no staining

Technical Details

DuoClear Cartridges have been designed to sanitize swimming pools from 10,000 to 45,000 gallons depending on cartridge model. Make sure that your DuoClear Cartridge corresponds with the proper vessel and is appropriate for your pool size by consulting the chart below.

  • DuoClear 25 Cartridge: 10,000 - 25,000 gallon
  • DuoClear 35 Cartridge: 25,000 - 35,000 gallon
  • DuoClear 45 Cartridge: 35,000 - 45,000 gallon

Control Panel Functions

  1. Chlorine Output: controls the amount of chlorine generated.
  2. Chlorine Output Lights: staged indicator lights show level of chlorine output.
  3. Super Chlorinate: function increases the chlorine output for 24 hours of running time. This is used when the pool needs extra sanitizing after heavy use or rain.
  4. Add Salt Light: indicates the need to add salt to pool.
  5. No Flow: light will come on if there is insufficient water flow in the electrode, usually caused by the pump not running or a blockage.
  6. Cartridge Indicator Lights: a series of 4 lights indicate the progressive life of the DuoClear Cartridge. Flashing red light indicates the cartridge needs to be replaced.
  7. ON/OFF Button: switches the DuoClear and filtration system on and off.
  8. Cartridge Reset Button: is used at start up of your new system or when the DuoClear cartridge is replaced.


Model Description

Frequently Asked Questions

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After it's installed, will pool maintenance change?
Yes, you will reduce chemical use and maintenance time. Basket cleaning, vacuuming and water testing will be the same as before, but the water balance will be easier, meaning there's simply less to do.
Can Nature2 stain my pool?
No. With Nature2 minerals remain well below levels that might cause staining. In fact, Nature2 offers a "no-stain" guarantee.
Do I still need to use chlorine with Nature2?
Yes, you need to use a small amount of residual oxidizer to ensure water sanitizing. With the Nature2 system* you can reduce the chlorine level to just 0.5 ppm. You won't feel, smell, or be affected by chlorine at this level. *The Nature2 system consists of the patented Nature2 technology used in conjunction with a chlorine delivery device or 0.5ppm of an EPA-registered pool product.
How do I know if Nature2 is working?
The best test is improved water quality; you'll notice a big difference. Visual clarity and sparkle shows Nature2 is working properly.
How often do I need to super-oxidize (shock)?
Because of the efficiency of Nature2, super-oxidation is needed less often. You only need to super-oxidize if the pool becomes dull or cloudy. The start-up of each new cartridge requires an initial shock with chlorine. Follow chlorine manufacturer's label/instruction to super-oxidize.
Is Nature2 a filter?
No. A filter simply removes particles and debris. Nature2 sanitizes pool water by destroying bacteria, which is too small to be caught by a filter. You still need a filter when using Nature2 system.
Is Nature2 an "ionizer"?
No. Ionizers electrically discharge copper (or metal alloy) ions into water. Ionizers can deliver ions via an electrical current (electrodes) or salt dissolution.
Is Nature2 compatible with other products?
Nature2 can be used with every type of chemical treatment program available except biguanide products and copper-based algaecides.
Which products should be avoided when using, or planning to use, Zodiac Nature 2?
Chlorine-free disinfectants of the PHMB type (or "biguanides"): Baquacil, Revacil, Oxyline. Other products containing copper.

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