Baracuda Zippy

The Baracuda Zippy is built on Baracuda's long history as a global leader in automatic pool cleaning technology.

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Technical Details

  • To help prevent suction entrapment accidents, wall vacuum fittings should have a safety vac lock installed. Contact your builder or retail pool professional for details.
  • Clean the skimmer basket, pump basket and pool filter before installing the Zodiac Zippy cleaner and on a regular basis thereafter.
  • After cleaning or backwashing, let the filtration system run for at least five minutes before re-connecting the Zippy.
  • Always disconnect the Zippy from the pool wall before cleaning or backwashing the pool filter.
  • Always remove the Zippy from the pool before chemical or shock treatments.Wait a minimum of 4 hours after super chlorination before re-installing the cleaner.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Cleaner Does Not Operate
1. Is the pump on? 2. Check the Star Control setting to ensure the indicator line is in the yellow range. 3. Remove dirt and debris from the cleaner. 4. Clean the pool's filtration system according to the manufacturer's directions. 5. Ensure that the ZIPPY® has been installed properly.
Cleaner Gets Stuck on the Pool Ladder.
Install a ZIPPY® ladder guard, available from your ZIPPY® dealer.
Cleaner Turns Over
1. Check the Star Control setting. 2. Assure that the nozzle assembly swivels freely. 3. Assure the hose and floats are assembled in the proper order. 4. Assure that the proper length of hose is in use. 5. Check for air trapped in the cleaner head by tilting the head on its side while it is submerged.
Poor Pool Coverage
1. Check the Star Control setting. 2. Assure that the proper length of hose is in use. 3. Check for hose memory. 4. Clean the tray and filter screen. 5. Assure that the nozzle assembly swivels freely. 6. Assure hose floats are in proper location.
Zippy hose is coiling.
1. Check for proper hose length. 2. Clean filter screen thoroughly. 3. Adjust the flow range at Star Control. 4. Lay the hose straight in the sun for a few hours.