Zodiac G3™

Delivers efficient, effective cleaning performance

The Zodiac "G" series delivers efficient and effective cleaning performance of pool floor, walls and steps. Zodiac G3 utilizes the patented Quick Release Cassette...

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The Zodiac G3 pool cleaner delivers efficient, effective cleaning performance that is compatible with low speed pumps for maximum efficiency.

The G3 quickly inhales small and medium debris while thoroughly cleaning pool floor, walls and steps. The G3 cleaner includes Long Life Hoses that are durable and scuff-resistant, suitable for all pool surfaces, along with a FlowKeeper™ Valve. This compact self-adjusting flow control valve automatically regulates water flow, ensuring peak performance even with low-speed pumps.

In just three simple steps, the G3 cleaner is ready to clean your pool. Simply attach the disc, wheel deflector, and hose, and connect to the skimmer or dedicated suction line. No tools or special plumbing required.


  • Long-Life Diaphragm - Superior, reliable one moving part technology. No gears, wheels or flappers for simple, silent operation and low-cost maintenance.
  • 36-Fin Disc - Ensures maximum adhesion on all pool surfaces, and eliminates hang-ups on lights, drain covers and fittings.
  • Wheel Deflector - Enables enhanced agility for negotiating tight corners.
  • Patented Quick-Release Cassette - Provides quick and easy access to the diaphragm for simple maintenance.

Technical Details

  • Suction-side cleaner
  • Operates in all in-ground pools
  • Connects directly to skimmer or dedicated 1.5" vacuum line
  • Includes 39 ft. of feed hose


Feature Description
Pool Type In-Ground
Cleaner Type Suction-side
Connection Skimmer or 1.5" Vacuum Line
Warranty 90 days
Hose Type Long-Life, 39 ft. of Feed Hose
Diaphragm Long-Life
Pool Surface(s) Tile, Vinyl, Gunite, and Fiberglass


Model Description
W03000 Zodiac G3

Exploded Parts Diagram

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Zodiac G3 Parts List

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Model Description  
W24100 Zodiac Universal Return Line Div , 2/PK Fluidra
W24209 Zodiac Baracuda Hose Deflector White, 3/PK Fluidra
W26705 Zodiac Baracuda Leaf Catcher Fluidra
W44000 Zodiac Seal, Leaf Eater Fluidra
W44700 Zodiac Top, Leaf Eater Fluidra
W43905 Zodiac Basket, Leaf Eater, White Fluidra
W55105 Zodiac Leaf eater Handle Fluidra
W46155 Zodiac Wheel Deflector, 16" Turquoise Fluidra
W69742 Zodiac Wheel Adapter Ranger Fluidra
W90153 Zodiac 90 EYEBALL DIVERTER 1-1/2" Fluidra
W90155 Zodiac 90 EYEBALL DIVERTER - 2" Fluidra

Frequently Asked Questions

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Zodiac G3 doesn't move
1. Use Flow Gauge to verify proper flow. 2. Backwash filter and empty pump basket. 3. Check diaphragm for damage. 4. Check hose sections for leaks by lifting each section above water. A cracked hose can be detected by a hissing noise. Replace it.
Zodiac G3 flips over
1. Use Flow Gauge or Pool Pulse to ensure proper flow. 2. Using Flow Gauge as guide, increase or decrease flow on FlowKeeper valve. 3. Check swivel on cleaner, swivel should rotate freely. 4. Contact service technician
Zodiac G3 is patterning
1. Confirm proper cleaner hose length. 2. Use Flow Gauge to verify proper flow. Increase flow to improve climbing. Reduce flow to move cleaner off the walls. 3. Direct pool return fittings down. Add a return diverter if necessary. 4. Check hose for kinks or coils. Lay hose in the sun for a few hours to straighten. 5. Verify correct hose weight positioning. 6. Move hose weight away from cleaner slightly. For deep pools add a weight.
Zodiac G3 isn't covering the opposite end of the pool
1. Add return diverters or divert return inlets downward. Use flow to move cleaner to opposite end. 2. Move hose weight away from cleaner head slightly. In deep pools add additional weight.
Zodiac G3 stops and starts
Check diaphragm for blockage or damage. Adjust worn diaphragm by loosening cassette swivel, gently pushing down on inner pipe & retightening cassette swivel.
Zodiac G3 stuck at steps
1. Use Flow Gauge or Pool Pulse to verify proper flow. 2. Confirm proper hose length. Shorten if necessary. 3. Use return jets to guide cleaner.
Zodiac G3 stuck under ladder
Install ladder guard (Part No. G21).
Zodiac G3 won't climb walls
1. Using Flow Gauge as guide, increase flow to cleaner. 2. Confirm proper hose length. 3. Verify correct hose weight positioning. Note: Climbing ability may be limited in some vinyl pools and pools with safety ledges.
Zodiac G3 won't leave edge or rim of pool
1. Using Flow Gauge as guide, reduce flow to the cleaner. 2. Verify correct hose weight positioning. 3. Move hose weight away from cleaner slightly.


Zodiac G3 I/O Manual (EN/FR/ES)

Item #: TL-2050
File Size: 4127397
Description: Languages: EN/FR/ES

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Zodiac G3 Quick Start Guide (EN/FR/ESP)

Item #: H0410000
File Size: 1459183
Description: Languages/Idiomas/Langues: EN/ESP/FR

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Zodiac G3 InGround Suction Pool Cleaner Sell Sheet

Item #: SL6703
File Size: 3794328
Description: Zodiac G3 InGround Suction Pool Cleaner Sell Sheet (EN)

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