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Make Your Pool Pump a Star

ENERGY STAR partnerZodiac is pleased to announce that its Jandy Pro Series line of variable-speed and 2-speed pumps have earned the coveted ENERGY STAR certification. These pumps are the most energy efficient, eco-friendly pumps available, and are proven to meet or exceed ENERGY STAR requirements for maximum energy savings.

Our ENERGY STAR certified variable-speed pool pumps will easily save you more than $1,000 over their lifetime, pay for themselves in five years, run quieter, and prolong the life of your pool's filtration system. Select Jandy Pro Series variable-speed pumps can save up to 90% on energy consumption compared to single-speed pumps, resulting in as much as $1,300 in savings per year, depending on energy rates.

Variable-Speed Two-Speed
VS FloPro Pump Jandy epump Jandy Stealth Pump Jandy PlusHP Pump Jandy FloPro
VS-FloPro™ ePump™ Stealth™ PlusHP FloPro™
  • VS-FHP1.0
  • VS-FHP2.0
  • JEP2.0
  • JEP1.5
  • JEP2.0SVRS
  • SHPF1.0-2
  • SHPF1.5-2
  • SHPF2.0-2
  • SHPM1.5-2
  • SHPM-2.0-2
  • SHPM-2.5-2
  • PHPF1.0-2
  • PHPF1.5-2
  • PHPF2.0-2
  • PHPM1.5-2
  • PHPM-2.0-2
  • PHPM-2.5-2
  • FHPM1.0-2
  • FHPM1.5-2
  • FHPM2.0-2

Introducing the Most Energy Efficient Pool System in the Industry.

Zodiac is furthering its commitment to continual product improvement by engineering an integrated equipment system with components that work flawlessly together and save money, time and the environment. By installing the complete Zodiac Pool, pool pros help homeowners gain significant savings in utility bills, maintenance time, and energy consumption using innovative and cost-effective equipment.

The Most Energy Efficient Pool System?w=684&h=669

The Total Zodiac Pool

At Zodiac, we are committed to creating a better life for our customers, and that means providing innovative pool and spa products that are right for your wallet, your family, and the environment. By focusing on the complete pool instead of a few individual components, we have designed an integrated system that meets that objective. Our products are designed to work together to save energy, money, and time, while still serving as a responsible choice for your family and the environment. No other pool and spa system is as complete or energy efficient as the Total Zodiac Pool. Period.

Our Energy Center highlights the products that make up the Total Zodiac Pool, including pumps, heaters, cleaners, covers, and controllers. It also includes information on incentives and rebates for energy saving products and useful calculators to determine the best system for your backyard environment. Explore the Energy Center to learn more about the Total Zodiac Pool, and contact a Zodiac pool professional or dealer near you with any questions.

*For the most energy efficient pool system, utilize our complete line of energy savings products including a variable-speed pump, Versa Plumb equipment set, automatic pool controller, and pool cover.