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Watermatic® Dichlor Systems

The most unique automated feeder system on the market.

The Watermatic D-1 and D-6L are exclusive dry chlorine feeder systems with an electronic controller that provides an ORP and pH readout to assure ideal sanitizing levels using granular dichlor. The system will adjust chlorination levels automatically in response to a variety of changing conditions. Exact dosing ensures bather protection and reduces costs.

Two systems available:
Watermatic D-1; includes a C1500 electronic controller and a G1000 dichlor feeder. Reads chlorine and pH level, feeds chlorine automatically.

Watermatic D-6L; includes a C2000 ORP/pH controller, a G-1000 dichlor feeder, and a 3-310 peristaltic acid pump. All of the benefits of the D-1, but also feeds liquid acid.


  • Clean, clear, safe swimming pool water seven days a week
  • Ideal for commercial spas; keeps up with demand
  • Efficient use of chemicals
  • Easy to install, operate and maintain

Technical Details

  • Dissolves quickly with no residue
  • No scaling or cloudy water
D-1Jandy Pro Series D-1 Automated Granular Dichlor Feeder System
D-6LJandy Pro Series Granular Dichlor Feeder With Liquid Acid Feed
3-310Jandy Pro Series 110V Peristaltic Pump
3-313Jandy Pro Series Peristaltic Pump 110V Adjustable
G1000Jandy Pro Series Dichlor Feeder
9-700Jandy Pro Series Flow Cell
3-270Jandy Pro Series ORP Sensor, Sota
3-271Jandy Pro Series ORP Sensor 1/2" Solid Body Style
3-280Jandy Pro Series PH Sensor Sota
3-281Jandy Pro Series PH Sensor 1/2" Solid Body Style
2-134Jandy Pro Series Fitting 3/8" Compression X 1/4" Mnpt , G1000
2-135Jandy Pro Series 1/8"M X 3/8 In Jaco Fitting G7500,G1000
2-610Jandy Pro Series 1/2" X 1/2" Jaco Fitting G7500
2-620Jandy Pro Series Compression Fitting Sensor 1/2" X 1/2"
3-060Jandy Pro Series C310 Control Module 120V
3-065Polaris C316 Control Module 24V
3-110Jandy Pro Series C660 Control Module 120V
4-190Jandy Pro Series Pipe Seal Washer G1000
5-310Jandy Pro Series 1.5 Amp Slo Blow Fuse
5-320Jandy Pro Series 1.6 Amp Slow Blow Fuse
5-330Jandy Pro Series 5 Amp Fuse
6-166Jandy Pro Series Carlon Controller Box Clear Cover (C660/C560)
8-035Jandy Pro Series Float Arm Assembly. , G7500
8-050Jandy Pro Series Flow Indicator Clear , G7500/G1000
8-090Jandy Pro Series On/Off Valve, 1/8", G1000
8-101Jandy Pro Series G1000 Valve And Strainer Assembly
8-400Jandy Pro Series G1000 Parts Bag
8-405Polaris Parts Bag, Venturi Kit, G1000A
8-800Jandy Pro Series Check Valve Assembly. , G7500
8-850Polaris Hopper Assembly, G7500
8-851Polaris Tank Assembly G7500
8-900Jandy Pro Series G1000 Upgrade Kit
8-901Jandy Pro Series G1000 Rebuild Kit
9-620Jandy Pro Series Transformer 110V-24V 400 Series Controller Black
9-701Jandy Pro Series Flow Cell Switch
9-702Jandy Pro Series Flow Cell Parts Bag
9-705Jandy Pro Series Hopper Estension Kit 3 Bottle With Valves G1000
9-710Polaris Venturi Kit 1 1/2" Plumbing
9-712Jandy Pro Series 1/8 " Check Valve Gray
9-714Jandy Pro Series 3/4 In Txt Check Valve 1/2 Lb.
9-717Jandy Pro Series 1/2 " In Line Strainer
9-821Polaris Large Bottle Valve, G7500
9-825Polaris Extender Bottle 8 Lb
9-830Jandy Pro Series G1000 Extender Neck
9-845Jandy Pro Series 5 Gallon Chem Tank With Lid
9-846Jandy Pro Series 10 Gallon Chem Tank With Lid
9-847Jandy Pro Series 15 Gallon Chem Tank With Lid
9-960Jandy Pro Series Mounting Board for Watermatic System

CHEMICAL BALANCE: Chemical use is excessive.

1. High TDS, nitrates, etc.

2. High organic loading (leaves, insects, small animals, etc.).

CHEMICAL BALANCE: The sanitizer level is too high.

1. Check the pH level. High pH levels depress the ORP reading.

2. Algaecide or another additive can depress the ORP reading.

3. TDS or cyanuric acid levels may be too high.

CHEMICAL BALANCE: The sanitizer level is too low.

1. PH level is too low. Low PH levels increase ORP readings.

2. Algaecide, non-chlorine shock or other additive is elevating the ORP signal.

CONTROLLER: No lights are illuminated on the controller and the controller is shut down.

1. Check the power to the controller.

2. Contact a service company for assistance.

CONTROLLER: Proper Operation?

If the controller is operating properly, one or two lights will be lit on the light bar display (digital display on the C660). The power light will also be illuminated and the feed light will be on.

CONTROLLER: The feed light is off or the power light is off, and the display lights are on, but the controller is shut down.

Check the flow switch or the jumper flow terminal on the back of controller.

CONTROLLER: The low ORP light is on and the controller is shut down.

The controller automatically shuts down when the ORP reading is less than 100 mV.

1. Check the sensor.

2. There may not be sanitizer in the pool or feeder. Add sanitizer to the pool to raise the ORP reading above 100 mV.

FEEDER: The ORP controller reading is below the set point and the chlorine is low in the pool.

1. The feeder is clogged or there are lumps in the sanitizer. Remove the measuring cup lid, clean it and break up lumps or replace the material.

2. The solenoid may not be working. Check the wiring for corrosion or other damage.

3. Test the sensor and replace it if necessary.

4. Fill the feeder if it is empty.

5. Blown fuse or solenoid stuck. Replace the fuse after freeing the solenoid.

6. Adjust dip switch settings on the controller that prevent feeding. These switches can be set to prevent ORP feed when pH feeding or when readings are out of range.

FLOW: The gray ball in the flow indicator is not moving or is moving slowly, and the controller ORP reading is above the set point, but the chlorine in the pool is low.

1. If the water in the main tank is more than an inch below the dam, the problem is on the inlet side (top tube).

a. The in-line screen/filter may be clogged. Clean the filter.

2. If the water is near the top of the dam, the problem is on the outlet side (bottom tube).

a. The main filter may need to be backwashed.

b. There might be a blocked tube on suction side (lower tube). Purge the lower tube.

c. There may be a pool filter system problem.

Water Purification PartsWatermatic Dichlor Parts

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SL418.pdfPolaris Watermatic Controller Data Sheet (25/PK)266 Bytes
SL403.pdfPolaris Watermatic Dichlor D-1 Sell Sheet436.54 KB
SL415.pdfPolaris Watermatic D-6L167.87 KB
TL-448.PDFPolaris Watermatic C1500 Controller Manual388.81 KB
TL-440.PDFWatermatic G1000 Feeder Owner's Manual1.07 MB
TL-427.pdfPolaris Watermatic C300, C305, C310 & C315 O/M163.39 KB

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