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AquaPure® Ei

Convert your ordinary chlorine pool into a salt water oasis.

The AquaPure Ei delivers the ultimate swimming experience without the hassle. In about 15 minutes you can have soft, silky water, free of the annoying and harmful effects of conventional chlorine. And since it sanitizes automatically, you’ll spend less time worrying about your pool and more time enjoying it. So convert your ordinary chlorine pool into a salt water oasis today.

Experience a revolution in salt water sanitizing. Introducing the world’s first DIY Salt Water Sanitation System: the Jandy AquaPure Ei, a compact, self-contained system. Using ordinary salt that is added to the pool water, the cell generates pure sanitizer year-round. When the sanitizer has finished purifying the pool, it reverts back into salt and the whole cycle repeats, making the AquaPure Ei a model of recycling efficiency. Its advanced electronics and auto-reversing polarity mean very little maintenance is required. These sophisticated features and ease-of-use make the AquaPure Ei the best choice for an economical and efficient pool sanitizer.

Featuring 120V plug-in convenience, the AquaPure Ei is very simple to install, taking just three easy steps and requiring zero pipe cutting. Salt water sanitizing has never been this easy or affordable.


  • Easy to operate
  • Automatic reverse polarity reduces calcium buildup
  • Ingenious two-piece locking clamp design
  • Easy-to-use locking ring
  • LCD display and LED indicators make it easy to use
  • Electronic power pack
  • Flow and salt level indicators

Technical Details

  • Available in hard-wired or plug-in models
  • Automatic input voltage sensing for optimum performance
  • Titanium electrode blades with precious metal coating for the ultimate in durability
  • Electronic water sensor for electrode protection
  • 120V/240V hard-wired models available
APURE35Jandy Pro Series APURE35 AquaPure Ei for 35,000 Gallons, 120/240V Hard Wired
APURE35PLGJandy Pro Series APURE35PLG AquaPure Ei for 35,000 Gallons, 120V With Power Cord
Model Pipe Size Pool Size Voltage
APURE35 1.5" - 2" up to 35,000 gallons 120V/240V hard-wired
APURE35PLG 1.5" - 2" up to 35,000 gallons 120V only w/power cord
Water Purification PartsAquaPure Ei Parts

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H0331400.PDFAquaPure Ei I/O Manual5.54 MB
H0335900.PDFAquaPure Ei APURE35PLG I/O Manual4.73 MB
H0342200.PDFEi to Goldline Adapter Fitting Install Instructions437.98 KB
H0340100.PDFAquaPure Ei Series Replacement Kits1018.22 KB
H0342600.PDFAquaPure Ei APURE35PLG/35PLGC Replacement Kits1.17 MB
H0342700.PDFAquaPure Ei APURE35/35C Replacement Kits2.34 MB
H0342800.PDFAquaPure Ei APURE35PLG/35PLGC Replacement Kits1.71 MB
H0344100.PDFAquaPure Ei APURE35/35C, APURE35PLG/35PLGC Replacement Kits2.1 MB
H0342000.pdfAquaPure Ei 120V Plug-in (APURE35PLG) I/O Addendum1.88 MB
SL6610.pdfAquaPure Ei Brochure2.19 MB

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