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Water Leveling

Jandy K2300 Levolor Electronic Water Leveling

Levolor® K-2300

Electronic fill device that maintains water levels in two bodies of water, such as a pool/spa with two seperate sets of equipment.

Jandy K2100 Levolor Water Leveling

Levolor® K-2100

Electronic fill device that detects low water conditions and turns off a pump or light to protect equipment until optimum water levels are met.

Jandy : Levolor II

Levolor® K-2000

Ideal for pool and spa systems with water features where evaporation and splash out is common.

Jandy Levelor K1100

Levolor® K-1100

Fill Only - Electronic fill device that detects low water conditions and automatically replaces water to a pre-set level.

Jandy LX2 Electronic Water Leveler

Levelor® LX2

Ideal For Pool, Spa, Fountain and Pond Systems



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