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Sheer Descent Extended Lip

Enjoy the soothing sound and shimmering sight of falling water with Sheer Descent Waterfalls.

A Sheer Descent Waterfall produces a clear arc of water that projects away from the pool wall. A wide range of water effects are possible from an almost silent, glass-like sheet of water to a rushing mountain spring waterfall.

A captivating addition to any new, remodeled or existing pool or spa, Sheer Descent Waterfalls are available in lengths from eight inches to eight feet, including curved and extended lip models.

Choose from a variety of waterfall styles including Sheer Descent, Sheer Rain, Sheer Curtain, Sheer Arc and Rain Arc.


  • Sheer Descents can produce a wide range of water effects and can easily be adjusted to suit any mood or environment.
  • Sheer Descent Waterfalls are available in lengths from eight inches to eight feet, including curved and extended lip models.
  • Radius And Super Radius Waterfalls: Radius and Super Radius Sheer Descents allow even greater customization for unusual shapes and designs.

Technical Details

  • 6" extended lip waterfalls produce the same effect as the standard 1" lip Sheer Descent Waterfall, but allow for installation of brick or stone on the face of the raised beam.

How do I order a waterfall?

When ordering Sheer Descent Waterfalls, please indicate style, lip color, feed type and lip size. If ordering a Super Radius cut, please indicate whether the cut should be convex or concave and specify the dimension of the radius.

Select the following when ordering Sheer Descent Waterfalls:

- Waterfall Style - Sheer Descent, Sheer Curtain, Sheer Rain, Sheer Arc, Rain Arc
- Lip Color - White, Light Gray and Clear
- Length - 1', 18", 2', 4', 5', 6', 7', 8'
- Dimensions - 3" Tall, 2 1/2" Deep, 1" Lip
- Feed Type - Back Feed or Bottom Feed
- Lip Size - Standard (1"), Extended (6"), or Super (12")
- Super Radius - Convex or Concave
- 7-10 ft. head loss created. If more water is pushed, more head loss is created.

All Waterfalls take 5-10 business days to ship.

Water Designs Sheer Descent Extended Lip Models & Parts
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SL6650.pdfJandy Water Designs Family Brochure2.26 MB
H0347100.PDFZodiac Sheer Descent / Fiberfall I/O Manual655.2 KB
H0343000.PDFSheer Descent and Power Fall Lip Spacer Repair Kit119.61 KB

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