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Sheer Curtain

Sheer Curtain waterfalls produce a clear curtain of water that descends straight down from the unit.

Sheer Curtain waterfalls are ideal for cantilever and swim-out installations.


  • A captivating addition to any new, remodeled or existing pool. Sheer Curtain will be the focal point of your backyard oasis

Technical Details

  • Ideal for cantilever and swim-out installation
  • Note: If this product is installed on a wall, the wall will be saturated with water.

  • ModelDescription
    1201CSCJandy Pro Series 1' Sheer Curtain-Extended Lip Clear
    1218CSCJandy Pro Series 18" Sheer Curtain-Extended Lip Clear
    1202CSCJandy Pro Series 2' Sheer Curtain-Extended Lip Clear
    1203CSCJandy Pro Series 3' Sheer Curtain-Extended Lip Clear
    1204CSCJandy Pro Series 4' Sheer Curtain-Extended Lip Clear
    1401CSCJandy Pro Series 1' Sheer Curtain-Super Radius Clear
    1418CSCJandy Pro Series 18" Sheer Curtain-Super Radius Clear
    1402CSCJandy Pro Series 2' Sheer Curtain-Super Radius Clear
    1403CSCJandy Pro Series 3' Sheer Curtain-Super Radius Clear
    1404CSCJandy Pro Series 4' Sheer Curtain-Super Radius Clear

    How do I order a waterfall?

    When ordering Sheer Descent Waterfalls, please indicate style, lip color, feed type and lip size. If ordering a Super Radius cut, please indicate whether the cut should be convex or concave and specify the dimension of the radius.

    Select the following when ordering Sheer Descent Waterfalls:

    - Waterfall Style - Sheer Descent, Sheer Curtain, Sheer Rain, Sheer Arc, Rain Arc
    - Lip Color - Clear
    - Length - 1', 18", 2', 4', 5', 6', 7', 8'
    - Dimensions - 3" Tall, 2 1/2" Deep, 1" Lip
    - Feed Type - Back Feed or Bottom Feed
    - Lip Size - Standard (1"), Extended (6"), or Super (12")
    - Super Radius - Convex or Concave
    - 7-10 ft. head loss created. If more water is pushed, more head loss is created.

    All Waterfalls take 5-10 business days to ship.

    Water DesignsSheer Curtain Models & Parts
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