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Zodiac does not sell parts directly to pool owners, so when it's time for maintenance, please see your local Preferred Professional Provider℠ of genuine parts.

Extended warranties may be available!

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Zodiac Water Designs - Increase the enjoyment of every pool with the soothing sound and shimmer of falling water.

Sheer Descent Waterfall

Sheer Descent®

Add Beauty and Life to Your Pool - Day and Night!

Sheer Descent Extended Lip Waterfall

Sheer Descent Extended Lip

Add Beauty and Life to Your Pool - Day and Night!

Sheer Descent Super Radius Waterfall

Sheer Descent Super Radius

Add Beauty and Life to Your Pool - Day and Night!

Sheer FiberFall


Lighted waterfalls that produce powerful sheets of water.

Sheer Curtain Waterfall

Sheer Curtain

Sheer Curtain waterfalls produce a clear curtain of water that descends straight down from the unit.

Sheer Rain Waterfall

Sheer Rain

Sheer Rain Waterfalls provide a single row of streams of water and project them away from the lip of the waterfall at a 45° angle.

Sheer Arc Waterfall

Sheer Arc

Sheer Arc waterfalls project up at 45 degrees and then naturally arcs and descends to the pool surface.

Jandy : Laminar Jet LED

Laminar Jet

Laminar Jets with LED create spectacular backyard water entertainment with dazzling nighttime lighting effects.

Zodiac Deck Jets

Deck Jets

Deck Jets create shimmering arcs of water from the deck into the pool or spa.

Polaris : Minijet


Designed to project a stream of water at a 45° angle of trajectory.



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