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Nature2 Mineral Sanitizers for Spas

Nature2 SPA Stick Water Purification Cartridge

Nature2 SPA Stick
Cartridge Filter Drop-in Mineral Dispenser

Using Nature2 SPA will help keep your water clean, clear, and always ready to use. The minerals in Nature2 SPA dramatically reduce the need for harsh chemicals in your water, making your spa experience more comfortable and soothing. It is a breeze to install; just drop it in your spa's filter and it will work for a full four months.

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Nature2 Cense Non-Chlorine Oxidizer

Nature2 Cense®
Spa Shock Oxidizer + Aromatherapy

Use Nature2 SPA with Cense® for the ultimate mineral spa experience. This powerful combination gives you a complete sanitizing system with all the oxidation and bacteria-killing power you need for a safe, luxurious spa experience without the need for excessive chemicals such as chlorine or bromine.

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