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An industry leader for over 18 years, Nature2 is the most successful mineral-based system on the market - installed in over 300,000 pools and spas worldwide, and carried by more than 5,000 dealers. With patents worldwide, this low-chlorine alternative truly is the future of pool maintenance.

Zodiac's Nature2 mineral sanitizing products for the pool and spa dramatically reduce the need for heavy doses of chlorine and provide an eco-friendly choice for pool and spa maintenance.

Nature2 Products


Nature2 Fusion Soft

The Nature2 Fusion soft system is an all-in-one salt water sanitizer and mineral system for in-ground pools.

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Nature2 : Fusion Inground 

Nature2 Fusion Inground

This combination sanitizer brings the benefits of Nature2 mineral technology together with a convenient chlorine tab feeder.

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Nature2 : Express 

Nature2 Express

Mineral sanitizer system for inground or aboveground pools.

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Nature2 DuoClear Cartridge 

Nature2 Pool Cartridges

Minerals, such as silver and copper, have long been known for their sanitizing antimicrobial properties.

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Nature2 Spa

Nature2 Spa works with your existing filter to give you clean, clear water without high levels of chlorine.

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Zodiac : Cense 

Nature2 Cense®

Say goodbye to the abrasive smell of chlorine and take your spa experience to new heights with Cense.

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