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Zodiac does not sell parts directly to pool owners, so when it's time for maintenance, please see your local Preferred Professional Provider℠ of genuine parts.

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Caretaker In-Floor Cleaning Products

Caretaker In Floor Cleaning Valve for Swimming Pools

Caretaker™ 8-Port Valve

This high efficiency valve boosts pool cleaning capacity to a powerful level that competitors can't touch. Perfect for larger pools or those with multiple water features, this valve is the only electric 8-Port system on the market. No other valve provides customizable runtimes, quicker cleaning, and less energy use.

Caretaker In Floor Cleaning Valve for Swimming Pools

Caretaker™ 5-Port Valve

Considered the workhorse of the industry, this valve has long provided pool owners with a dependable and efficient in-floor cleaning system. Ideal for smaller pools or spas, the 5-Port Valve maximizes power to give your pool a robust and thorough cleaning.

Caretaker Cleaning Head

Cleaning Heads

Heads rotate 18 positions in a full 360° and start in the same position with each cycle, providing complete and reliable coverage. Additionally, each head comes with one of 6 different nozzle sizes determined by your pool’s unique size and shape. Caretaker cleaning heads ensure a more thorough and effective cleaning than any other cleaning heads on the market.

Leaf-B-Gone  Concrete Plumbing Kit


Larger debris such as leaves, twigs, and bugs will eventually end up in your pool and can damage your filter or inhibit water flow. By utilizing a safe, venturi-powered main drain system like Leaf-B-Gone you can prevent this type of debris from getting into your pool circulation system. With simple deck access, Leaf-B-Gone doubles the filtering process to safely and effectively remove debris before it enters your pool's system.



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