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Technical Information

Filters Technical Information

Zodiac® filters keep pool and spa water sparkling clear and refreshingly clean. Zodiac offers a wide variety of filters loaded with features that make installation easy and cleaning a snap. Next time you jump into your Zodiac filtered pool you can rest assured it's sparkling clean.

Filter Models

Filter Model Legend

Format: Media and Tank Type, Size, Backwash Valve Position

Media and Tank Type
CV = Cartridge Filter, "CV" Series, Four Element, Large Cartridge Filter - Versa Plumb® Ready
CL = Cartridge Filter, "CL" Series, Four Element, Large Cartridge Filter
DEV = Diatomaceous Earth Filter, "DEV" Series
CS = Cartridge Filter, "CS" Single Element, Small Cartridge Filter - Versa Plumb Ready
JS = Sand Filter, Side Mount, Composite - Versa Plumb Ready
SFTM = Sand Filter, Top Mount, Thermoplastic

Cartridge and DE Filters are expressed in square feet of filtration area.
Sand filters are measured in tank diameter (size) in inches

Backwash Valve:
S = Side Mount
T = Top Mount (MPV only)

Example: CV460 is a Cartridge Filter, Large Versa Plumb Series, 460 square feet.
Example: DEV48 is a Diatomaceous Earth Filter, Vera Plumb Series, 48 square feet.
Example: SFTM25 is a Sand Filter, Thermoplastic Tank, 25" Diameter, Top Mount.