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ProEdge® Care

This program is no longer available at this time. However, claims sold prior to July 31, 2013 will continue to be fulfilled. We are actively investigating solutions and sincerely apologize for any inconveniences.

Extended Service Plans

Zodiac products are built to last, but even the best pool equipment may need to be repaired. Because pool equipment operates in harsh outdoor conditions and corrosive environments, parts can unexpectedly fail. Protect your investment and your pocketbook from expensive repair costs with a ProEdge Care Extended Service Plan.

Covered Product Categories**

Pumps Gas Heaters
Filters Heat Pumps
Automatic Cleaners Air Blowers
Lights Water Levelors
Valves Chlorine Generators
Controls Sanitizers

Invest For The Future

Protect your pool’s valuable equipment and save money on repair costs by investing in an Extended Service Plan (ESP) today.

Investing a small amount in a ProEdge Care ESP will provide extended coverage on all Zodiac Pool Systems’ warranted equipment for up to four years*.

Eliminate worry about the unexpected and enjoy your pool worry-free with a ProEdge Care ESP. A small up-front investment will allow you to avert future costs, paying only a nominal set claim fee for service and repair calls.

ESPs increase the resale value of your home. ProEdge Care ESPs are transferable to the next homeowner, giving any potential buyer peace of mind. So make an investment in your pool and your home’s future today.

Service You Can Trust

Invest with a company you can trust. ProEdge Care is delivered by Zodiac Pool Systems, one of the largest and most respected pool equipment manufacturers in the world. Each Extended Service Agreement is secured, underwritten, insured, and administered by A.M. Best A (Excellent) rated insurance company, Service Net®.

Every agreement ensures that no matter how big or small, the repair costs, all claims will be professionally handled. ProEdge Care ESPs ensure:

  • No surprise repair bills
  • Extended equipment coverage up to four years
  • Coverage can be secured up to six months after initial equipment purchase
  • ESPs can be added to Zodiac’s financing program

Benefits Of Investment

With a ProEdge Care Extended Service Plan (ESP) by Zodiac, you can keep your pool equipment working at its best. ProEdge Care ESPs give you:

  • Complete protection against unexpected, costly service and repair bills
  • Comprehensive extended coverage up to four years
  • Significant savings on any future repairs
  • Increased home resale value
  • Security knowing your investment is backed by one of the most trusted names in the business covering all Zodiac products*, including Jandy®, Baracuda®, and Nature2®

Eliminate worries about expensive repair costs and gain peace of mind by asking about Extended Service Plans today.

**Limitations may apply. Excludes water features and in-floor cleaning systems. Subject to Service Net Warranty, LLC.'s terms and conditions. Risk management provided by Service Net Warranty, LLC. and backed by A.M. Best A (Excellent) rated insurance company.