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Robotic Pool Cleaners

Polaris 9550 Sport Robotic Pool Cleaner

NEW! Polaris 9550 Sport

Top-of-the-line 4WD robotic pool cleaner featuring Easy Lift System, motion-sensing handheld remote, dirty canister indicator, and Vortex Vacuum technology for best-in-class cleaning performance.

Polaris 9450 Robotic Pool Cleaner

NEW! Polaris 9450 Sport

All-new 4WD with innovative features, including the Easy Lift System, 7-day programmable timer, and Vortex Vacuum technology.

Polaris 9350 Sport Robotic Pool Cleaner

NEW! Polaris 9350 Sport

New and improved 2WD Robotic Pool Cleaner with a new Easy Lift System.

Polaris 9400

Polaris 9400 Sport

The 4-Wheel Drive Polaris 9400 Sport takes Polaris robotic cleaners to the next level.

Polaris 9300xi Sport

Polaris 9300xi Sport

The Polaris 9300xi Sport is the premium robotic cleaner choice for those who want total pool control.

Polaris : 9300 Sport

Polaris 9300 Sport

The Polaris 9300 Sport robotic provides exceptional pool cleaning performance.



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