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Designing Spaces

The Total Zodiac Pool was featured on LifeTime's Designing Spaces! Check out the segment below.

Homeowners can have an energy efficient, eco-friendly pool!

The "Total Zodiac Pool" is the most energy efficient, low maintenance and eco-friendly residential swimming pool on the market. By focusing on the complete pool, instead of just a few individual components, we have developed an integrated solution that performs at the highest efficiency possible. From our state of the art robotic pool cleaners, to our ultra-efficient variable-speed pumps, with a Zodiac Pool, you can save thousands of dollars annually on utilities.

Here are a few great products that work together to create the Total Zodiac Pool. Click the links in the side navigation to find out more!

Versa Plumb is the most energy efficient, professional core equipment set in the world. It will save homeowners up to $1300 annually on energy costs. It consists of a pool pump, filter and heater that have been engineered as components of a whole system. It is good for the environment and for pool owners' wallets.

Control your pool systems automatically via AquaLink control systems and the iAquaLink® mobile app! Have total control of your pool, any time, anywhere. Energy efficiency is enhanced by establishing automated, scheduled run-times for your pool equipment functions, including filtration, sanitation, heating, and cleaning.

With automatic pool cleaners, such as the Zodiac MX8™ or the Polaris 9400 Sport Robotic, homeowners can save energy costs and have a clean pool! Our energy efficient cleaners use about the same energy as an 80 watt light bulb. Let a smart cleaner do the work while you sit on the sidelines enjoying the sunshine!

Nature2®, the number one mineral sanitizing system in the world, turns your whirlpool spa into a true spa experience! Love your spa, but hate the chemicals that come with it? Nature2 destroys harmful bacteria in a safer, natural way – without heavy chemical dosing. Nature2 is family AND environment friendly, easy to use, and guaranteed to control bacteria.

A Cover-Pools pool cover keeps heat in! Save up to 70% on heat, water, chemicals, equipment, cleaning, and other operating costs. Keep your family safe, minimize the loss of heat and sanitizers, keep dirt and debris out, and extend your swimming season with Cover-Pools.

The Total Zodiac Pool: Energy efficient. Eco-friendly. Amazing!

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