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iAquaLink 20 How to Install

iAquaLink™ 2.0 Installation Video

iAquaLink 2.0, How to install.

New iAquaLink 2.0 Swimming Pool Automation System

iAquaLink™ 2.0 Automation

NEW! iAquaLink 2.0, the easiest to install, web-enabled control system for pools and spas.

New Variable Speed Pumps Video

New Variable Speed Pumps

Announcing the launch of two new products that are part of the Variable Speed Pump Family!

Zodiac Cyclonic Leaf Catcher in Action

Cyclonic Leaf Catcher in Action

See the Cyclonic Leaf Catcher in action!

Cover-Pools Swimming Pool Covers Overview

Overview of Pool Covers

Choose the right automatic pool cover for your pool.

Disc-Style Suction Pool Cleaner Troubleshooting

Suction Pool Cleaner Troubleshooting

Tips to troubleshoot your suction swimming pool cleaner.

Pressure-Side Pool Cleaner Troubleshooting

Pressure Pool Cleaner Troubleshooting

Tips to troubleshoot your pressure-side swimming pool cleaner.

Robotic Pool Cleaner Troubleshooting

Robotic Pool Cleaner Troubleshooting

Tips to troubleshoot your robotic swimming pool cleaner.

Zodiac MX8 Suction Pool Cleaner

How to Install a Suction Pool Cleaner

Learn the basics of installing a suction pool cleaner. Suction cleaners are easy to install and great for cleaning small to medium debris.

Polaris : 3900 Sport

How to Install a Pressure Pool Cleaner

How to install a Polaris pressure-side pool cleaner, the most powerful type of cleaner for picking up medium to large debris.

Polaris 9400

How to Install a Robotic Pool Cleaner

How to properly install a Polaris robotic pool cleaner to ensure best performance and longevity.

Nature2 Installation

Nature2 Mineral Purifier for Hot Tub

An easy-to-follow guide to installing and using a Nature2 Mineral Purifier for your hot tub.

Polaris 3900 Sport Review

Polaris 3900 Review

Swim University reviews the new Polaris 3900 Sport pressure-side automatic inground pool cleaner.

Changing Sand Filter

Changing Pool Filter Sand

Swim University shows us how to change the sand in your sand filter. Learn how to properly remove the sand, add new sand, backwash the filter and get you pool back up and running smoothly.

Opening a Swimming Pool

How to Open a Swimming Pool

Swim University shows us how to open an inground swimming pool.

Scared Leaf

Zodiac TV Commercials

Watch our newest TV commercial featuring Zodiac MX8.

Designing Spaces

Designing Spaces

The "Total Zodiac Pool" is the most energy efficient, low maintenance and eco-friendly residential swimming pool on the market.

MX 8 Video Tips

Zodiac MX™ 8 Video Tips

Learn how to operate and troubleshoot the Zodiac MX 8 pool cleaner.

Pool Cleaner Care

Pool Cleaner Care

Learn about automatic pool cleaner care and maintenance.

Pool Cleaner Care

Selecting a Pool Cleaner

Learn about how to best select an automatic pool cleaner.

Automatic Pool Cleaner Videos

Pool Cleaner Products

Watch new automatic pool cleaner videos.

Water Sanitizer Videos

Water Sanitizer Products

Watch and share new water sanitizer product videos.