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Zodiac ®

Zodiac Pool Systems Settles Pool Products Antitrust Class Actions

San Diego – Nov. 24, 2014 – Zodiac® Pool Systems, Inc., has reached a settlement agreement with plaintiffs which, after court approval, will bring to a close Zodiac’s involvement in two class actions that resulted from an earlier FTC investigation alleging that PoolCorp had used its position as the largest distributor in the swimming pool products industry to limit competition. Zodiac settled this matter to avoid protracted litigation and the expense that results from antitrust lawsuits, even for defendants who ultimately prevail at trial.

Zodiac Products Win Over 30 Awards

Zodiac and Jandy products used in Lighting, Water Feature, Sanitizer, Cleaner and Circulation categories of winning pool designs

Zodiac raises funds and awareness for local nonprofits

Zodiac Pool Systems, Inc. Expands Community Health Initiatives through Employee-Driven Charitable Giving Program

iAquaLink 2.0 Swimming Pool Automation

iAquaLink 2.0 Increases Simplicity of Installation for Pool Pros and Home Automation Installers

iAquaLink 2.0, the newest version of Zodiac Pool Systems' award-winning pool and spa control system, has been introduced to simplify installation of mobile pool control for both pool professionals and home automation specialists.

Landscape Lighting

Zodiac Pool Systems, Inc. Expands Lighting Product Line with Launch of ETL-certified Wet Area Lights and Color Landscape Lights

Zodiac Pool Systems, Inc. has announced general availability of its new LED color landscape lights under the Jandy® Pro Series WaterColors product line. In addition, it has also introduced ETL-certified Wet Area LED lights which may be installed within 10 feet of the pool or spa.

Zodiac ®

Zodiac Pool Systems Launches New Technical Training Program "Zodiac Academy"

SAN DIEGO – September 9, 2014 –Zodiac Pool Systems, Inc. (@ZodiacPool_USA) has officially launched Zodiac Academy, a new technical training program designed to provide pool professionals a competitive edge on product installation, service, repair and troubleshooting.

Zodiac ®

Zodiac Pool Solutions Statement on Chapter 15 Filing of July 31, 2014

Chapter 15 filing is required by U.S. courts whenever a global company restructures its debts. The Carlyle Group extended debt maturities with Zodiac’s lenders and Zodiac chose to request assistance from the US court under Chapter 15 to ensure the debt amendments were binding in the U.S. Although Chapter 15 is administered through the bankruptcy court, our filing doesn’t mean that Zodiac has declared bankruptcy.

Zodiac ®

Dealer Focus

New exclusive trade products and increased investment in trade spur better relationships with dealers.

Zodiac ®

SAVI Acquisition

Zodiac expands nicheless lighting product line through acquisition of top-selling underwater lighting brand.

Zodiac ®

Tech Support Receives Certification

Company's Certified Pool/Spa Instructor™ (CPI™) creates focused certification and training programs for staff and dealers.

Zodiac Days Events

Polaris® & Zodiac® Days is Bigger & Better than Ever!

Zodiac and Polaris Days include new print, web and social media marketing, and mobile advertising efforts.

iAquaLink Swimming Pool Automation

iAquaLink Wins Award

iAquaLink wins Best Connected Home Product award for its ability to provide easy control of the pool and spa anytime, anywhere.

Polaris 9550 Sport Robotic Pool Cleaner

Polaris Introduces New Robotic Lineup

New lower price points, more user features, and enhanced quality evolve legacy of popular robotics Sport platform.