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Pool Articles

VS FloPro Pump

Save Money by Replacing Your Pump

Today, there are technologically advanced options that enable your pool to use far less energy and save you money, starting first by swapping out your old single-speed pump with a new highly efficient variable-speed pump.

Top 4 Pool Myths

In the pleasant and sunny world of pool ownership, many myths, urban legends and downright lies circulate among the fine denizens of suburbia, leading to misapprehensions, miscalculations, and poor choices.

Pool Professional

The Spring Startup

Whether a veteran pool owner with several seasons under the proverbial belt, or a brand new addition to that lucky community, everyone can use a few tips from the pros for ensuring a great summer.

Reduce Chlorine Use with Mineral Sanitizers

Reduce Chlorine Use

Cutting back on the amount of chlorine used in pools each year is a great thing for pool owners, their families, and the environment. That is exactly what makes mineral-based water sanitization systems, such as Nature2®, an exciting development in pool care.

How to winterize your swimming pool

How To Winterize Your Swimming Pool

The following are generalized instructions on how to properly close an In-ground swimming pool. Please note that all pools are somewhat different and your pool may need specific care not mentioned here.

Hot Tub Care

Guide to Hot Tub Care

Hot tubs provide an excellent way to unwind and relax with family and friends in the privace of your home or backyard. Taking care of a hot tub should be as easy as soaking in it.

How to Fix a Green Swimming Pool

How to fix a Green Swimming Pool

Learn how to fix a green swimming pool by killing algae with chlorine shock.

Water Balance

Water Balance Tips

Balance and harmony is the key to living. The same goes for your pool water. If everything is balanced, you will avoid a lot of potential issues with your pool, including cloudiness and algae.

Pool Party

Getting Your Pool Ready for a Party

There is nothing in the world like being able to throw your very own pool party. It’s the single greatest invention since...well, the swimming pool.

Pool Safety Tips

While having a pool can bring so much joy it can unfortunately also be a source of great tragedy. But all this can be avoided if the necessary protective measures are taken.

Caring for your Pool

Learn about filtration, circulation, cleaning, and testing your pool water.