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Jandy Pro Series JXi Heater

Jandy® Pro Series Launches JXi Pool Heater

New Jandy® Pro Series JXi™ Pool Heater from Zodiac® Pool Systems Boasts Major Improvements to Design and Efficiency

Jandy Pro Series JXi Heater

Jandy JXi Promo Video

Jandy JXi Promo Video

JXi Heater Animation

JXi: How It Works

JXi Heater Dynamics

Zodiac ®

Zodiac Pool Systems Settles Pool Products Antitrust Class Actions

San Diego – Nov. 24, 2014 – Zodiac® Pool Systems, Inc., has reached a settlement agreement with plaintiffs which, after court approval, will bring to a close Zodiac’s involvement in two class actions that resulted from an earlier FTC investigation alleging that PoolCorp had used its position as the largest distributor in the swimming pool products industry to limit competition. Zodiac settled this matter to avoid protracted litigation and the expense that results from antitrust lawsuits, even for defendants who ultimately prevail at trial.


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