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Zodiac ®

Zodiac Pool Solutions Statement on Chapter 15 Filing of July 31, 2014

Chapter 15 filing is required by U.S. courts whenever a global company restructures its debts. The Carlyle Group extended debt maturities with Zodiac’s lenders and Zodiac chose to request assistance from the US court under Chapter 15 to ensure the debt amendments were binding in the U.S. Although Chapter 15 is administered through the bankruptcy court, our filing doesn’t mean that Zodiac has declared bankruptcy.

Zodiac ®

Dealer Focus

New exclusive trade products and increased investment in trade spur better relationships with dealers.

iAquaLink 20 How to Install

iAquaLink™ 2.0 Installation Video

iAquaLink 2.0, How to install.

Zodiac ®

SAVI Acquisition

Zodiac expands nicheless lighting product line through acquisition of top-selling underwater lighting brand.


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